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Ten years later: iPhone’s impact

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone on this day ten years ago during his 2007 Macworld keynote. I remember watching the recorded keynote later at home on my beloved first Mac (the adorable white iMac G4*). I sat enthralled watching Jobs masterfully and with obvious glee unveil the never-before-seen features of this new device. I gasped along […]

Kitchen tools list, updated

My sister-in-law is getting married later this year. Knowing I’m the primary cook in the family and knowing I’m a little too obsessed with finding the right tool, whether in technology or in the kitchen, she asked me to give her a list of essential kitchen tools for her wedding registry. I was too happy […]

My next computer: iPad Pro

I’ve been an iPad guy since the first version was announced in 2010. I loved it immediately and used it mostly for reading, but also for writing. It was just supplemental, though, to my iPhone and the two iMacs I had—one at the office and the other at home. The home iMac is old now […]

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

I enjoyed this feature on Quartz about the best gifts people have received. It’s not exactly a gift guide. It’s a collection of stories about gifts that have staying power and are worth remembering and talking about long after they’ve been given. I immediately thought about what my answer would be if asked about the best […]

Thermapen deal, 48 hours only

The newest version of one of my favorite kitchen tools, the Thermapen digital thermometer, is on sale until 11:59 on December 9. (Thanks, Alton Brown!) It’s still expensive, but it’s so worth it if you cook regularly. To heck with guessing whether the meat is done. I don’t have much confidence in people who gauge […]

Kickstart your cooking skills with the Misen chef’s knife

The most important tool everyone needs in their kitchen is a good chef’s knife. linked to Kenji Lopez-Alt’s review of the Misen knife which is a Kickstarter project. Kenji is the mastermind behind one of the best cooking tips and recipe sites online, Kenji knows kitchen knives, and he raves about this new […]

On wearable technology and the world as it might be

Ben Thompson has a great post today about wearable technology in light of Apple’s upcoming new device: How Apple Will Make the Wearable Market Thompson lately has been putting out a consistent stream of thoughtful analysis of Apple especially and of the direction of technology in general. In his most recent post about the Apple […]

Hardcore History: Blueprint for Armageddon V

  I was delighted when I opened my podcast app (Overcast) and found a new episode of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. I’ve raved before about how great Carlin’s work is, but new episodes don’t appear very often. And when you listen you understand why. I can’t imagine the hours that go into creating each episode. […]

Hipster armor: My American Giant hoodie

I’ve been eyeing an American Giant hoodie for more than a year, and my in-laws gave me this one yesterday at our family Christmas gathering. I read about the company and its best hoodie ever last year and had been intrigued ever since. But I just couldn’t click through and purchase it myself, thinking it was […]

Seven weeks left in 2014: Habit List app

I’ve been counting down the weeks left in the year, and we are at the seven week mark today. I’ve been diligent with most of my finish-the-year-strong habits – getting in my mile walk every day, sticking with the hundred push-ups plan, and posting to this site daily. (Not so solid with my reading habit, though. Commit […]

Only nine weeks left to make 2014 awesome

It’s Wednesday. As of today there are only nine weeks left in 2014, one week down in my ten week countdown to make 2014 more awesome. What will you have to show for this year? How do you want to finish? Schedule some time for a meeting with yourself on New Year’s Eve to assess […]

iPhone week and the fleeting allure of great gadgets

I’ve loved gadgets since I was a kid. There was my blue plastic cassette recorder I played with in the car on the way to Disney World. I remember recording McCartney’s Live and Let Die from the car radio. I also as a kid had a nifty solar-powered calculator and a classic record player and […]

Digital AND analog

This talk by master penman Jake Weidmann about the dying art of penmanship is fascinating: Weidmann’s talk makes me care about penmanship. He’s got a great stage presence and makes a somewhat obscure topic something worth talking about. I have terrible penmanship. I’m left-handed and struggled as a kid trying to use a fountain pen. My […]

Paying for quality

You pay for quality. If it’s poor quality you’ve purchased, you pay again with annoyance or frustration and regret and possibly lost time and maybe repairing or replacing. High quality purchases may typically only require the initial payment. Things are ultimately just things. But great things can add value and beauty and more consistently satisfying […]

Great apps

Speaking of great things, Apple recently announced their annual Apple Design Award winners. They honor developers and designers whose apps stood out from a very crowded field in the ever expanding Apple App Store. I was especially happy to see Day One win for its Mac app. It won previously for its great iOS app. […]

The grace of great things

I have a notion of someday becoming what might be called a minimalist. I’m far from it at the moment. My family has plenty of unnecessary stuff and clusters of clutter scattered mostly out of sight. My wife and I have not yet committed to a truly deep and wholesale purge, just brief sorties here […]

Procrastinator’s guide to awesome gifts

These gifts are awesome and can be given instantly online: Born Standing Up by Steve Martin – $17.95. This audiobook is narrated by the author, making it even more awesome. Martin strums the banjo between chapters and you hear his story and his jokes in his own voice. Very nice way to spend four hours, especially if […]

Quick, easy, and bad

My wife and I gave an excellent pepper mill as a wedding gift to a sweet young couple today. Shanna asked me to write a short note to accompany the gift, so I came up with this: “In marriage, as in cooking, it takes only a little more effort to add a lot more flavor.” […]

Day One app is free for now

Apple is celebrating the five year anniversary of the App Store by offering several landmark apps and games for free for a limited time. Included in this group is the Day One app, the iOS journal app that I have raved about previously. It’s worth the $5 it normally costs, and I think the app […]

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