Hipster armor: My American Giant hoodie


I’ve been eyeing an American Giant hoodie for more than a year, and my in-laws gave me this one yesterday at our family Christmas gathering. I read about the company and its best hoodie ever last year and had been intrigued ever since. But I just couldn’t click through and purchase it myself, thinking it was a bit too self-indulgent to splurge on a simple, but pricey, hoodie. So, thanks, in-laws, for your generous gift!

I already love it. Yes, it’s just a hooded sweatshirt with a zipper. But it is a hefty, meticulously well-crafted, glorious sweatshirt. It feels like it will last a lifetime. It is a great thing, and there is a grace in great things that adds delight and makes your days a little better having them in your life. Quality things endure and add value long after most average things have been discarded.

Putting this American Giant hoodie on feels like suiting up in modern, hipster armor. And I don’t even know what “hipster” means exactly. But this is the kind of sweatshirt I imagine coders and designers and writers wearing to work. Me, I’ll wear it on walks around the neighborhood and running Saturday morning errands. And maybe when I sit at my computer trying to express myself.

Some things just make you feel stronger or better, like when you got new shoes as a kid and felt like you could run faster and jump higher. I love using excellent tools that are thoughtfully imagined and well made. True craftsmanship is rare, but it enriches both the maker and the user.

I gave my new hoodie a test run today as I took the day off with my daughters to do some gift shopping. It was a hoodie kind of day, cool and misty. All three of us had on our hoodies, and we made some memories as we explored ways to delight my wife this week, which is her birthday week as well as Christmas week.

No one stopped me on the sidewalk to comment on the greatness of my hoodie. But I felt great wearing it. Things are just things and can’t compare to meaningful moments like the day I had with my kids today. But great things are a unique pleasure, and I’m grateful for those who make the effort to create remarkably impressive things and add a little extra pleasure to our lives.

NOT American Giant hoodies
NOT American Giant hoodies