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Back to awesome

I’ve been slacking. (Not slack-lining. That would be cool.) This is not cool. I put my good habits aside for a minute, which is perfectly okay in moderation. But that minute turned into weeks. I’ve not been diligent with what I eat and how I move. Too much sitting. Way too many food-like substances. (Curse […]

Just start

“JUST DO IT” is a compellingly catchy slogan, but it’s a bit overwhelming and slightly frightening for some of us. “Really? I don’t think I can do it. So, I just won’t even try.” But, just starting, that’s not so risky or intimidating. Just attempt one push-up. Just take a short, easy walk. Just start writing […]

Last day of 2014: A strong finish

Ten weeks ago I decided to go for a strong finish to 2014. Too often the end of the year gets muddled through and written off with all the distractions of the holidays. So, I made a commitment to focus on getting better as the year wound down instead of slacking off. I established new […]

One week left in 2014: Finish strong

I’ve been counting down the weeks in 2014, aiming to finish strong with new habits and some momentum for the beginning of the new year. Rather than goals, I’ve been focusing on habits and routines because systems are more powerful than goals. What kind of person do I want to be? How does that person […]

Merry freaking Christmas!

One Thanksgiving morning years ago when our oldest child was a newborn, my wife and I were struggling to get our act together and get out the door for a drive across the state to a family gathering. We were late. Really late. And figuring out how to get things done with a baby in […]

Less, but better

“Less, but better” was the design philosophy of the iconic Dieter Rams, whose work has inspired some of our greatest creators, including, and especially, Apple. Focus on the essential. Eliminate the inessential. In your work, in your relationships, in your life. Go for quality over quantity. (Of course, quantity can lead to quality.) Emptiness has […]

Three weeks left in 2014: Incremental change you can believe in

There are only three weeks left in 2014. (By the way, I say “twenty-fourteen”. You? It’s saving just a single syllable, I know, but it feels less unwieldy than saying “two-thousand-fourteen”. And no one ever said “Let’s party like it’s one-thousand-nine-hundred-ninety-nine”.) I’ve been counting down to the end of the year in an attempt to […]

Four weeks left in 2014: Meditation

December 31 is four weeks from today. I’ve been counting down toward a strong finish to the year. I was tired of writing off the last weeks of the year and digging myself into a hole that I then need to New-Years-resolution my way out off. I’ve been establishing some habits, because, of course, systems […]

Five weeks left in 2014: Don’t break the string

Today is the halfway point of my ten-week countdown to the end of the year. There are now only five weeks left till December 31. I’ve not missed on any of my chosen habits. I’m keeping the string unbroken, and I’m finding it satisfying to check off each habit in the Habit List app each day. […]

End-of-year resolutions and a report from the 4th-grade

I’ve been advocating end-of-year resolutions lately. The New Year’s resolution bandwagon is always too crowded, right? Why not beat the goal-setting rush and finish the year with momentum instead of letting it fizzle in a haze of holiday distraction and carb overload. So, I was invited to talk with my daughter’s 4th-grade class yesterday morning […]

Six weeks left in 2014: 4th-graders showing the way

I’ve been invited to speak to my daughter’s 4th-grade-class this morning. One of her teachers reads this site and was inspired by my countdown of the remaining weeks in the year. She’s been talking with her students about finishing strong this year and having them come up with some goals and habits for themselves. Fourth-graders […]

Seven weeks left in 2014: Habit List app

I’ve been counting down the weeks left in the year, and we are at the seven week mark today. I’ve been diligent with most of my finish-the-year-strong habits – getting in my mile walk every day, sticking with the hundred push-ups plan, and posting to this site daily. (Not so solid with my reading habit, though. Commit […]

Eight weeks left in 2014: Walk on

I’ve been counting down the weeks left in the year, and we are at the eight week mark today. I’ve been consistent with the hundred pushups challenge, but not so much with my reading habits. Get on that, man. Wake up earlier. Stop getting lost in internet mazes. What if I read eight more books […]