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Category / mindfulness

Noise, noise, noise, noise, noise!

So much noise right now. There’s always something to read or watch or click, and most of it adds no real value while taking up precious space in our brain and often adding unnecessary worry and stress. Information overload is a thing, for me at least. Here comes the weekend, though, and a chance to […]

Don’t wobble

Sit, sit. Walk, walk. Don’t wobble. –Zen proverb Kevin Kelly shared this wisdom in his most recent interview on Tim Ferriss’s podcast. When you sit, fully sit. When you walk, make walking the thing. When you’re in conversation with another human being, let all else fall away except for that conversation. Don’t wobble. Don’t drift from […]

The best gift: Your attention

I’m heading out today on a weekend getaway with my wife and daughters, trapped in the car for several hours together. This will be a good time to practice giving my complete attention to the people I love most. The aim is to turn off my mental autopilot that is great at creating the illusion that […]

The transformative power of deep practice

Daniel Coyle’s book, The Talent Code, is one of the best books I’ve read in the last couple of years. He explores “talent hotbeds”, places that produce a disproportionate amount of talented people in various fields—sports, the arts, and academics. And he comes up with key factors that separate the best from all others. His […]

Taking your mind for a walk

   Our dog Mosley is “spirited”. Taking him on a walk when he was a puppy was an ordeal. He would pull at the leash, stop suddenly, veer off course constantly, sniff everything he came upon, get agitated if we came across any other dogs, and totally freak out if he saw a cat anywhere. […]


From Sam Harris’s book, Waking Up: “The Buddha taught mindfulness as the appropriate response to the truth of dukkha, usually translated from the Pali, somewhat misleadingly, as ‘suffering.’ A better translation would be ‘unsatisfactoriness.’ Suffering may not be inherent in life, but unsatisfactoriness is. We crave lasting happiness in the midst of change: Our bodies […]

I want to see it for myself

I read this today in Mindfulness in Plain English as a recommendation for the attitude to take when pursuing a mindfulness practice: “Never mind what I have been taught. Forget about theories and prejudices and stereotypes. I want to understand the true nature of life. I want to know what this experience of being alive […]

A well-disciplined mind

From Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana Now, here is an audacious goal – possessing a mind that is not just sharp and strong, but actually disciplined. Well-disciplined. Takes training, just as a physical discipline does.

Merry freaking Christmas!

One Thanksgiving morning years ago when our oldest child was a newborn, my wife and I were struggling to get our act together and get out the door for a drive across the state to a family gathering. We were late. Really late. And figuring out how to get things done with a baby in […]

Blue sky every day

I have been following Andy Puddicombe’s Headspace meditation program for two weeks now, and I can see how beneficial this practice is. Andy regular refers to meditation as “training the mind”, and I’m getting that sense of it, of training and practice and skill development, from just my two week habit. I have already found […]