Noise, noise, noise, noise, noise!


So much noise right now.

There’s always something to read or watch or click, and most of it adds no real value while taking up precious space in our brain and often adding unnecessary worry and stress.

Information overload is a thing, for me at least.

Here comes the weekend, though, and a chance to step away from the stream of chatter that is hard to escape during the week.

Put the phone down, EJ.

Be quiet. Be bored.

Let your “streams” and “feeds” go untended.

These glowing screens are a modern miracle, but they can too easily divert our focus from what is right here, right now.

The world will go on just fine without your sharing or liking or commenting on whatever combination of one’s and zeroes might fly by in your absence.

Play. Breathe. See. Listen. Feel.

Step away from the noise. Step into real life.

Have a happy analog, tactile, unplugged weekend.