Sunday night Stoic: Fraction of infinity

Meditations 12.32:

“The fraction of infinity, of that vast abyss of time, allotted to each of us. Absorbed in an instant into eternity.The fraction of all substance, and all spirit.

The fraction of the whole earth you crawl about on.

Keep all that in mind, and don’t treat anything as important except doing what your nature demands, and accepting what Nature sends you.”

I continue to be drawn to perspectives showing me how small I am, how little I matter in time and space.

Our default state is to think of the universe as our universe. We experience reality, of course, primarily from our first-person vantage point.

But our portion of all that is and was and will be is an infinitesimal fraction. And that delights me and unburdens me and makes trivial all the things we inflate to be “important”.

What’s important is fulfilling your nature, no matter how tiny you may be in the very big picture.

Be excellent. Accept what comes. Do what you can with what you’ve got. Enjoy the life you have in the brief moment you’re here.

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