Sunday night Stoic: Amor fati

Don Robertson, in Stoicism and the Art of Happiness, quotes the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

“My formula for what is great in mankind is amor fati: not to wish for anything other than that which is; whether behind, ahead, or for all eternity. Not just to put up with the inevitable – much less to hide it from oneself, for all idealism is lying to oneself in the face of the necessary – but to love it. (Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, 10)” 

Love what is, even if what is is the opposite of your desire and seemingly in violation of your dearest values?

I get that what is already is. Resistance is futile.

Nietzsche is going a big step further than mere acceptance, though. 

Love what fate has brought you no matter what it is?

This is hard stuff and requires some sort of mental jujitsu. 

Embrace whatever comes as though it were a gift, an opportunity to continue propelling yourself toward the best human you can be.

Be grateful for everything. 

Love your fate.