Tesla Model 3 unveiled

Elon Musk is taking us tantalizingly closer to a world of electric cars. He revealed Tesla’s mass market Model 3 last night.*

The Model 3 is Tesla’s attempt to put a long-range fully electric car within reach of the average consumer. The starting price is set at $35,000, and this model has a driving range of at least 215 miles beteween charges. It will be the safest car in its class. It also happens to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in six seconds. (Musk smiled as he said: “At Tesla, we don’t make slow cars.”)

In the near future we will look back on the age when combustion engines powered our vehicles as a quaintly primitive phase in our progress, an age when spewing toxic gases to propel us somehow seemed perfectly reasonable.

Late 2017 is when the Model 3 is set to begin shipping. I’m already imagining having one plugged in in my garage. (And I may need that much time to clean my garage.)

The future can’t get here fast enough. Hurray for the audaciously impatient Elon Musk and the Tesla team for expediting it.

*I watched the presentation video and appreciated the brisk format, but it was a bit unpolished. Musk is not a master presenter just yet. However it’s always good to see a transformational leader speak for himself and make the public case directly. (Steve Jobs set unrealistically high expectations for the CEO genius/compelling speaker combination.)