Meticulous attention to detail

My friend Emily is a young professional not too far removed from college. She’s living a dream working in New York City.

She was featured in an interview online and had this very thoughtful response, profound even, when asked for her most important advice:

“My biggest piece of advice is to fiercely and tirelessly pay meticulous attention to detail, and specifically the details that no one else thought to or cared to remember. Be that person with the mindset that “no job is too small.” What I have discovered time and time again, is that people trust other people that really care; not just about the beautiful clothes and the red carpets, but the less glamorous details that people steer clear from. Don’t steer clear of those things. Embrace them, run with them, and when that trust is built into a foundation that cannot be torn down by one mistake, those big things suddenly become yours. And these big things you create are so beautifully done because of how much you cared about the little things. And those are going to be your true moments of pride.”

I can’t add to that. So well said. And so true. 

Care more than seems reasonable.