Your life is daily improv.

Be willing to trust that you will come up with something worthwhile when your moment comes. 

Think of those cliche icebreaker activities where everyone goes around a circle and answers the same question, like “What’s your favorite book?” 

The activity is designed to have people get to know each other better. But what really happens?

You’re acting like you’re paying close attention to what everyone is saying, but you’re actually rehearsing in your mind what you will say when it’s your turn. 

What if, instead, you emptied your mind and focused completely on the others? When your turn came you would have to trust that something intelligible would come out of you. 

In fact, the spontaneous, improvised response is likely to be more effective than the one you would have contrived. 

Your life is now. Strengthen your improv muscles by showing up regularly and being as fully present as you can be. 

Say “Yes” to whatever circumstances you find yourself facing. Trust that the life you’ve lived has prepared you for this moment.