Summer reset

A little bit of summer is what the whole year’s all about. -John Mayer, Wildfire

There’s January 1 and the beginning of the school year and the always exciting turning of the fiscal year. But I also love the beginning of summer as a time to dream new dreams and make new plans.

I know I come more alive with the warm weather and my kids’ long break from school. I’m outside significantly more often. Shoes are less necessary. I play more and eat better and generally feel healthier than any other time of year.

Why not use this season as a time for new adventures and grand ideas? What can we do to change our routines and make the most of the season? What healthy habit can you adopt? What new skill can you learn? How can you better connect with the people you love most?

Play and work and love and create like you’ve got a fresh, new start on life, and let this sunny season inspire you to be even more awesome and make some history and some memories worth talking about for many summers to come.

A little bit of summer makes a lot of history. -John Mayer, Wildfire