A world-changing speech – Scott Harrison and charity: water

I regularly quote JFK’s line: “The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.”

I recently watched this remarkable, world-changing presentation by charity: water founder Scott Harrison:

I first watched this because of the raves it received as an example of a great speech. And public speakers can learn from Harrison. He is confident, interesting, and enthusiastic. But he’s also vulnerable and humble and authentic. He builds his presentation around stories. He takes the audience on a journey from “why” to “how”. He makes masterful use of images and videos that make his message even more memorable.

He was so effective in this talk that I immediately went to his organization’s web site and pledged my next birthday on June 8 to charity: water. When almost 1 billion people do not have access to clean water, the least I can do is forego presents on my birthday. And charity: water seems to have crafted an impressive organization with real transparency and measurable effectiveness and a brand that can stand next to the best in the corporate world.

I’m in. And you can be, too. If you want to join the effort to bring clean water to people who need it, you can help me celebrate my upcoming 49th birthday by giving $49 to charity: water.

Here’s my page for donations:



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