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Podcast SOS: Three sure things

I got a text today from a student on a road trip out west with some of his friends: “EJ! Currently on a road trip across the US and wanted to know if you had any podcast suggestions while we are driving!” I get this kind of request for podcast recommendations regularly. I sent him […]

What I’m listening to and reading

I recently listened to some fascinating interviews: Shane Parrish interviewed Naval Ravikant on Parrish’s podcast, The Knowledge Project. Ravikant is thoughtful and interesting and candid and often counterintuitive. And Parrish is a solid interviewer. He sets a good pace and does a nice job of facilitating and keeping the focus on the interviewee. Tyler Cowen […]

The thrill of fresh work from Dan Carlin

I scanned through my podcast queue in Overcast yesterday and got a little thrill to see a new Hardcore History episode. If ever there were an artisanal, hand-crafted podcast it’s Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Who knows how much time he puts into crafting the multi-hour series that covers expansive topics such as all of World […]

Finally, a new Hardcore History series 

  Today I opened the Overcast app (my favorite podcast player) and scrolled through my recently downloaded episodes and was delighted to discover the first episode in a new Hardcore History series, King of Kings, about the ancient Persian empire. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is my favorite podcast. In each series he explores one topic […]


While listening to a technology podcast today I was reminded of just how good the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark is. Not like I needed reminding. It’s always been my immediate response when asked for a favorite movie. But I tend to chalk up my affection for it as a bit of nostalgia rather […]

Tim Kreider’s manifesto on the merits of idleness

Tim Ferriss is featuring an audiobook version of Tim Kreider’s book, We Learn Nothing, on his podcast. He posted a sample of the audiobook with a free chapter, Lazy: A Manifesto. The sample chapter is a terrific essay on the crazy obsession our culture has with being “busy”. When you ask someone how they’re doing, “Busy” […]

Go play

The latest TED Radio Hour episode is all about play and how vital it is even for, especially for, adults. It turns out, play is not frivolous. It’s necessary for a healthy, fully functional human existence. Without regular doses of play, we become, physically and emotionally, more brittle, less resilient, and a lot less fun. […]

Conan O’Brien on creativity and perspective

After listening to the Brian Cox episode of the Nerdist podcast, I came across an older episode featuring a long conversation with Conan O’Brien. So good. I’ve come to think that most really good comedians also are some of our most insightful philosophers. They actively explore the absurdity of life. Imagine being on a constant […]

Standing on the edge of the known

A recent episode of the Nerdist podcast featured physicist Brian Cox, who hosts his own entertaining and enlightening podcast, The Infinite Monkey Cage. I listened to most of this episode of the Nerdist while walking my dog last night. The podcast was a fascinating conversation between regular humans and a super smart scientist who has […]

The hardest thing

“The hardest thing is spending the most time on the most important things.” –Matt Mullenweg Mullenweg is the very young founder of WordPress (the home of this web site and many more). He said this in the most recent episode of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast when talking about his work and his company’s focus. […]

Upgrading your life “operating system”

I listened to this Tim Ferriss interview with entrepreneur Peter Diamandis recently. Diamandis is promoting his new book, Bold, which is a challenge to aim higher, dream crazier dreams, and take bold action. The podcast is a solid interview, filled with perspective shifting insights and stories. I was particularly struck by Diamandis’s notion that we […]

A great podcast: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Podcasts have almost completely replaced the radio for occupying my driving time, and I often listen to podcasts on my daily walk. There are so many good podcasts to recommend – TED Radio Hour, Serial, The Tim Ferriss Show, Jeff Garlin’s By The Way. But the most impressive and engrossing podcast I’ve encountered is Dan […]