Razor A5 scooter: No age limit on fun


This Razor A5 scooter is a blast to ride. Yes, I’m 50 years old, but I’m not too old to enjoy the thrill of coasting downhill on a kick scooter.

Today was a family fun day with my kids. My 7-year-old learned to ride a bicycle last week, and she’s been eager to get outside and try her new skills.

The scooter we got her last year is just sitting there now that she has this new love for her bike. What’s a dad to do?

“Out of my way, kid on a bike! Dad on a scooter coming around.”

This thing is a delight to ride. The large wheels give it a smooth ride, able to handle bumps and uneven pavement. The handle adjusts to fit kids or adults (who are just big kids). And it’s a solid little machine, clearly well designed and well made.

Thumbs up for the A5 from kid and dad.

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