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What can you give?

It’s typical to start a new year with grand plans for your life, with goals and dreams and visions of a better you just around the corner of the next month or four or ten. Well, yes, aim to get better and to fill your life with more meaningful pursuits. But such goal planning can […]

Just start

“JUST DO IT” is a compellingly catchy slogan, but it’s a bit overwhelming and slightly frightening for some of us. “Really? I don’t think I can do it. So, I just won’t even try.” But, just starting, that’s not so risky or intimidating. Just attempt one push-up. Just take a short, easy walk. Just start writing […]

One week left in 2014: Finish strong

I’ve been counting down the weeks in 2014, aiming to finish strong with new habits and some momentum for the beginning of the new year. Rather than goals, I’ve been focusing on habits and routines because systems are more powerful than goals. What kind of person do I want to be? How does that person […]