On confusing wishes with goals

I listened to an episode of The Art of Manliness podcast today and heard a psychiatrist discuss the way people frequently confuse wishes with goals.

Imagine having a goal for the weather to be spectacular tomorrow.

Ridiculous, right?

We have zero control over the weather. It just happens. You adjust to it; it doesn’t adjust to you.

So much of our thought and energy, though, goes into pointless worry and futile attempts to control what is uncontrollable. 

The weather, rush hour traffic, circumstances and accidents and quirks of fate. You can only play the hand you’ve been dealt. 

What other people think or do is beyond your control. 

You can do nothing except choose your own actions. 

The universe does not revolve around you. You’re not entitled to anything. 

Put your focus on what is in your power to control, and let go of trying to grasp the wind and bend fate to your whims. 

You can’t stop the rain. But you can wear a raincoat.