You are the creative type

When you say “creative people”, it’s redundant. –Elizabeth Gilbert

I listened to the TED Radio Hour podcast today and this episode, The Source of Creativity. It features Sting and Sir Ken Robinson and the author Elizabeth Gilbert all discussing the mystery and magic of the creative process. 

Gilbert’s reminder that everyone is creative was particularly striking. 

It’s tempting to assume only a select few are gifted with creative talents. And maybe that’s your excuse for not creating. 

But if you’re alive and reading this, you, too, are filled with unique and infinite creative potential. 

You’ve just got to make the effort to express yourself, to uncork that potential, to craft it into something tangible. 

This effort will encounter a lot of resistance and will require courage and persistence. 

Most aren’t willing to pay the price or to show up often enough to summon the muse. 

But don’t say you are not a creative person.