Weekend reading: Offscreen Magazine, #12


This is my only magazine subscription.

It’s not available in a digital version.

This is it. Paper and ink.

It’s a delight to hold and to look through and to smell.

As powerful as the internet is for the spread of ideas, I’m sure that most of what makes a splash online now won’t have much of a shelf life. Because, well, you can’t put it on a shelf.

My kids won’t grow up with nostalgia for a blog post they read once or keep a favorite old viral video on a loop in their living rooms.

Tangible things will endure, though. Especially beautiful ones that spark joy.

Even this delightful little magazine reminds me of the joy of great things.

I keep fretting over the best way to organize the thousands of digital photos I have.

The solution, though, is to print them, to make the best ones into photo books that will someday grace the shelves of my future grandchildren’s homes.

Things are just things. But there is real beauty in the grace of great things, offscreen, in your hands and literally in your life.