Being open to uncertainty


I find myself photographing memorable portions of books, actual paper books. It seems a bit odd, but it’s a way of collecting and noting thoughts that stand out to me. And since most of my notes are of the digital variety now, photos are a way to get these analog bits into my digital system.

The quote above is from Seth Godin’s new book, What To Do When It’s Your Turn. I’ve posted previously about what a beautifully made book it is, and the content holds up to the design.

The thought above, though, is well timed as a new year approaches. We tend to want to cling tightly to an illusion of certainty and stability. But the universe is energy, constantly in motion. Nothing stays constant except the fact that everything changes. Resisting this fact is futile. And the default for most of us.

Those who lean into the uncertainty of life are the ones most likely to make cool stuff happen. Why not brace yourself for not knowing and for insecurity and for uncertainty in the year ahead? Go with the flow of life’s crazy, unconstrained energy. Be a pathfinder.

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