Kiss your brain, and get moving

Here’s a fascinating TED Talk explaining that our brains developed primarily to facilitate movement:

Wolpert points out that computers can “outthink” a human chess master, but that even a five-year-old has dexterity that blows away anything the most sophisticated robot can do.

Physical movement is our primal and primary strength. Regrettably, we as a culture seem to be living more in our heads and on our butts than fully maximizing our amazing physical gifts.

Go take a walk, and make it a mindful, fully present experience. Learn to juggle. Swim. Play catch. Ride a bike. Balance on a curb. Enjoy, glory in, your remarkable dexterity and physical skills.

I have a teacher friend who regularly tells her kids, “Kiss your brain.” Be smart, certainly. Challenge yourself mentally. But also embrace your physical nature and kiss your brain by moving like a human.

Via Movnat