Excellent Journey

How amazing to be alive and aware in this universe. And how perplexing it all is

I want to be intentional about living a good life. Not “good” in the sense that I want to follow the rules or some doctrine meticulously. Rather, I don’t want to get to the end of my life and feel that I have mislived.

This little bit of the internet is my attempt to understand what makes for a life well lived and to share experiences and ideas that I hope will be valuable to others. This will not be an online journal. Sharing the details of my daily life would not add much value to anyone else’s life. I intend to craft essays and shorter posts and share links with the hope of “awakening possibility” in myself and any who may come across this site. Also, I expect the discipline of expressing myself regularly will be rewarding on its own. My experience has shown this E.M. Forster quote to be true:

“How do I know what I think until I see what I say.”

The journey metaphor resonates with me. Joseph Campbell said once that he didn’t think people were really searching for “the meaning of life”. What we want, he suggests, is a full experience of life. It’s not some distant or future destination that will give us meaning. It’s the step we’re taking right now.

Some readers may have followed my long neglected previous web log, ejblog.wordpress.com. I will no longer be posting there.

Welcome to ExcellentJourney.net.