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It’s all about relationships

I somewhat randomly clicked on this TED Talk by Harvard researcher Robert Waldinger this week. He has carried on the research in one of the longest running research projects of its kind, the Harvard Study of Adult Development. For more than 75 years data has been collected that has led to some clear answers about what […]

Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot sermon, animated

In 1990 the Voyager I spacecraft was leaving our solar system, and at Carl Sagan’s suggestion the mission team had it turn and take a photo of Earth from 4 billion miles away — the ultimate long-distance selfie. That’s us in that photo, that tiny speck of  reflected light near the top — a pale blue […]

SLOMO: “Do what you want to!”

This short film is well worth fifteen minutes of your attention: ht Charlie Hoehn This former doctor has found bliss roller-blading* by the beach. He chucked his living-by-the-rules-and-society’s-defaults kind of life and just started doing what he wanted to do. He was inspired by a chance encounter years before with a 93-year-old whose life advice […]

Finding fulfilling work

This is solid advice for thinking about your career choice: Via Also see: Follow your passion is not helpful advice And How to find work you love

David Foster Wallace: “This is water”

Merlin Mann pointed out that this great video, which had been taken down for copyright issues previously, is back on YouTube. It’s from the late, great David Foster Wallace’s memorable Kenyon College commencement speech. And it’s as brutally honest and surprisingly insightful as any commencement speech ever dares to be. Instead of offering lofty platitudes […]


Jason Silva’s latest short video, a bittersweet meditation on transience: Everything changes. Motion is constant. You never step into the same river twice. This moment is gone already. How do we live with impermanence? How do we make sense of knowing that we are unique, once in a universe creatures who will be gone soon? […]