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Steven Pinker’s TED Talk: Is the world getting better or worse?

I read Steven Pinker’s new book, Enlightenment Now, and came away more optimistic about humanity. We’ve made remarkable progress in even the last few decades, not to mention the drastic difference in the human experience over the past two centuries. The book, though, is filled with an extraordinary amount of data backing up his arguments […]

It’s all about relationships

I somewhat randomly clicked on this TED Talk by Harvard researcher Robert Waldinger this week. He has carried on the research in one of the longest running research projects of its kind, the Harvard Study of Adult Development. For more than 75 years data has been collected that has led to some clear answers about what […]

Jane McGonigal on the benefits of playing games

Jane McGonigal shines in this TED Talk. She has a strong and approachable presence on stage, and she clearly cares about her topic and the audience and connects with genuine enthusiasm.  She will have you respecting gamers and wanting to play games yourself. 

Band camp and intrinsic rewards

I was in the marching band in high school. Trumpet and French horn. I was no great musician, but I especially enjoyed the camaraderie. During the summer we all had to participate in band camp, where we learned the music and the show we would perform at football games and in competitions. (There was no […]

Digital AND analog

This talk by master penman Jake Weidmann about the dying art of penmanship is fascinating: Weidmann’s talk makes me care about penmanship. He’s got a great stage presence and makes a somewhat obscure topic something worth talking about. I have terrible penmanship. I’m left-handed and struggled as a kid trying to use a fountain pen. My […]

Diana Nyad’s audacious pursuit

I’m spending this weekend at the lake with my family. It’s a final summer getaway before my girls begin the school year on Monday. Being on, around, or in water is good for my soul. Yours, too. There’s even a popular new book, Blue Mind, that explores the science behind why water makes us happier. […]

Drew Dudley and “lollipop moments”

Life can turn in a moment. A seemingly small gesture, an act of simple kindness, can make a big difference. In a world of people busy distracting themselves, being present and attentive and kind has become a superpower. You can be a hero for others just by paying attention and caring. I was reminded of Drew Dudley’s […]

The near win

Reaching a goal can derail you. Accomplish it and then what? New goals, I suppose. But a life built around systems and process and thoughtful routines will bring more excellence and more consistent satisfaction than the ups and downs of goal-setting. There’s something transcendent about striving, reaching for what you know may actually be unreachable. It […]

Happiness, the pursuit

After celebrating Independence Day here in the U.S.A. last week, we should remember the goal for those revolutionaries ultimately was a nation that would especially protect the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness“. A government cannot grant you happiness. But it’s nice of ours to at least promise to get out of […]

Ken Robinson: Creating a climate of possibility

Sir Ken Robinson has the most viewed TED Talk ever, and his latest talk on education is a must-watch as well: Notice his presentation style. He uses no slides, no video. He stands in one place and holds the audience’s attention with his wry humor and short stories and wise insight. His humor charms the […]

What movies teach kids

I enjoyed this TED Talk by Colin Stokes about the way movies are affecting his young children. He makes some great points about the role of female characters, but his key point is what movies are teaching boys. As the dad of two young daughters, I want my girls regularly to see strong and smart […]

On not knowing

A neuroscientist offers a compelling case for the value of ignorance, of knowing that you don’t know: Reminds me of a quote from Joseph Campbell that continues to resonate with me: He who thinks he knows, doesn’t know. He who knows he doesn’t know, knows. Instead of being sure of answers, it’s better to know […]

Getting stronger

This is another great TED Talk*. Here, psychologist Kelly McGonigal shares research showing that facing stress head on rather than avoiding it or being crushed by it has beneficial effects: Adversity and responding effectively to it generate growth. I’ve been learning that masters get great at something because they keep doing hard things, bumping up […]