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Offscreen, on dock 

  Get off the grid for a bit. Go jump in the lake.  Cook with fire.  Read something not on a screen.  Inhabit your body.  Be where you are. 

The gift of a blank brain

Author Michael Harris on living in the Internet age and the prevalent tendency to check your phone as soon as you wake up: “When you wake up, you have this gift of a blank brain. You could fill it with anything. But for most of us, we have this kind of panic. Instead of wondering […]

Ants marching

 Whether you’re doing things right or just doing things to stay in step with the crowd, to stay busy and to complain (or brag) about being busy, it’s pointless if you’re not doing the right things. 

Beautifully empty

Our living room right now: We are not moving. We just had our floors repaired after our water heater died and tried taking as much of the rest of the house with it as it could. We’ve been in this house for thirteen years. In spite of the hassle of fixing the floors, it’s worth it […]

Busy Saturday

“BEWARE THE BARRENNESS OF A BUSY LIFE. —Socrates” My busy Saturday today centers around two key commitments with my daughters: the pool this afternoon and the movie Tomorrowland tonight. I might squeeze in some reading if I find some down time. This is my kind of packed schedule. 

More better

You are going to die. I am, too. (Warm, happy way to kick off a conversation. I’m fun at parties.) The universe is staggeringly massive. For every grain of sand* on Earth, there are at least 10,000 stars in the visible universe. Amazing, right?! *And yes, there’s an algorithm for determining the number of grains […]

Seinfeld: “I’m a thrower-outer”

Sharp insight and life wisdom from the astute (and funny) Jerry Seinfeld: “All things on Earth only exist in different stages of becoming garbage.” “Your home is a garbage processing center where you buy new things, bring them into your house, and slowly crapify them over time.” This, by the way, is from one of […]