Meathead’s new BBQ book

I have been a big fan of Meathead Goldwyn’s web site, It is my go-to source for grilling technique and recipes. 

Meathead is actually something of a science egghead. He meticulously probes cooking methods and recipes to debunk myths and come up with the best possible results.

Now, he’s published a book filled with what he’s learned about grilling and smoking. I ordered it this week to give as a birthday gift, and I’ve spent the morning looking through it.

It’s a beautiful book with a hard cover and strong design elements throughout. A web site can be infinitely resourceful, but some information benefits from being in the form of an actual book. This is one worth putting your hands on. 

The book is filled with Meathead’s BBQ fundamentals, techniques, and equipment recommendations along with a solid assortment of recipes. He begins at the basics and takes you through the key information in a thoughtful, logical way. 

If you’re a novice, this book is the best starting point possible. If you’re an experienced grill master, you still will learn and be inspired.

Highly recommend.