It’s a wonderful life

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One of the few movie moments to ever give me a lump in my throat is the finale of It’s A Wonderful Life. George Bailey, the main character, is shown just how wonderful his life is, even though he had not lived the life he had dreamed of.

But George’s life is wonderful because of kindness—the kindness he gave and the kindness he received.

No matter how bleak or harsh or dark the world may seem, kindness shines through.

Kindness is invincible.

It only seems that meanness and snark are ascendant. But they evaporate in the light of kindness.

And it’s a delusion to think that happiness is just ahead once you accomplish this or become that or somehow win at life.

Happiness is right here, right now. You can choose it.

Just be kind in this moment—to yourself and to the person in front of you or across the internet from you.

Today is a good day to be aggressively kind, to go out of your way to be more than superficially pleasant.

Message that friend. Send a note. Call a disconnected relative. Smile at strangers. Support a worthy cause. Actually listen when you ask how someone is doing.

It’s a wonder to be alive and aware in this magnificent and perplexing universe.

And life is more wonderful when kindness shines through your days.