Why are we punting?

My friend Alec knows I’m intrigued by the Arkansas high school football coach whose team doesn’t punt and always kicks an onside kick for every kickoff. He tweeted me a link to this new ESPN video about Coach Kevin Kelley and his remakable success going against the grain of conventional football wisdom.

This short, 11-minute film is worth watching whether you’re a football fan or not. It’s an inside-the-locker-room/on-the-sidelines look at a key moment in this high school team’s season.

In the film Coach Kelley tells why he defies accepted doctrine and takes risks no other coach will and wins big in the process.

Kelley explains that when he took over the coaching job the team had a history of being good, but never great. So, he began questioning everything. Here’s Coach Kelley talking about the mindset that changed the team’s outcomes from good to great:

“We started asking ‘Why?’ about everything. Though ‘Why are we punting the ball?’ came up, and it just sounded silly at the time.”

Just questioning something that seemed silly to question led to a big epiphany and ultimately to success beyond anyone’s expectation.

Watch the film and ask yourself what assumptions in your work or your life seem “silly” to question. Then ask “Why?” anyway.