The bonus of making art for intrinsic rewards

I’ve taken a little break from writing over a long weekend of family fun and travel. 

In general I’ve been more inconsistent with posting here recently. I’ve fallen off the daily pace I had set for myself. 

I write regularly more for my own benefit than for others. It’s a challenging discipline that helps me think more clearly and know myself better. 

But writing in public sharpens my thinking more than if I was just journaling in private. It’s a bonus if someone else finds some value in anything I share. 

In the last couple of days I’ve randomly gotten some feedback on Twitter expressing appreciation for some of my writing. Both were for different posts from last year. 

It’s nice to know that at least occasionally my words aren’t just fading into the ether. 

Speaking to an audience, imagined or not, helps focus and sharpen your art. But don’t get sidetracked or manipulated by an attachment to how others receive what you have to offer.

Excellent art comes from a place within you that’s unburdened by the potential approval or disapproval from any audience. 

That intrinsic focus, though, will be more likely to produce something that does resonate with others and yield some extrinsic rewards, too.