Earth, early to the party

This is fascinating:

Earth came early to the party in the evolving universe. According to a new theoretical study, when our solar system was born 4.6 billion years ago only eight percent of the potentially habitable planets that will ever form in the universe existed. And, the party won’t be over when the sun burns out in another 6 billion years. The bulk of those planets – 92 percent – have yet to be born.

As old as the universe is—more than 13 billion years old—planets like ours are among the first of their kind. There are many, many more to come in the life of the universe.

How surreal to be an Earthling. Just ponder the scale of space and time and marvel at your place in it.

A billion years from now there may be no one here to discover if there’s anyone or anything else getting started out there on some young planet that may not even exist yet.

It’s good to be here now. It’s good to be anywhere at all.