We are all actors

I’m listening to Mark Maron’s WTF podcast interview with Sir Ian McKellen. McKellen is the eminent Shakespearean actor who is better known currently for his recent film roles as Gandalf.

In his conversation with Maron, McKellen speaks passionately about his appreciation of the works of Shakespeare. And he focuses on one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines: “All the world’s a stage…”

“If you understand that about human beings, that we are all actors, it will illuminate your life… When you get up in the morning, you decide what costume you’re going to wear.” –Sir Ian McKellen

We are all actors. Life’s a play, and you get to perform a role.

But you don’t have to play the role you’ve been handed or that you’ve fallen into.

You can invent your own character in this play. And you can keep reinventing yourself as often as you want.

Be who you want to be. Act as if you are who you wish you were.

It’s just a play.

Put your all into your part of it.

Enjoy the show.