Daily express

I just returned from a quick beach getaway with my wife’s family.

I took a few days off from posting on this site while I was gone, and I came home to an email from a friend wondering if everything was okay. He was used to me posting something daily. How nice that he was concerned when I went missing from the internet for a few days.

I do try to find something to share here every day, and I had a nice streak going before this recent break. 

Some days I post just a quote or a link to something I’ve found online or a book I’m reading. Occasionally it will be something more substantial.

But I’ve discovered that this daily discipline adds some juice to my days. I wake up knowing I need to find something worthwhile to share. And my antennae are up. I’m on the search for interesting. I learn things I otherwise wouldn’t because I’m actively seeking something new to share.

I’m sure photographers actually see things most of us don’t because they’re in the business of finding and creating things worth seeing.

It’s a double pleasure if something I share is meaningful to someone else, because my initial audience is just me. If no one reads what I write, at least I have benefitted from the experience of trying to find something worthwhile and understand it well enough to communicate it. 

Making a regular habit of expressing yourself, in whatever medium works for you, will have you seeing and feeling and finding in ways you never would otherwise.

“The best way to understand something is to try to express it.” –Brenda Ueland