Excellent day

We had tickets to the big game tonight. But it’s been a full, happy day. And the kids are away at a slumber party, and it’s an unusually cold night. And when do we get a night at home alone to sit by a fire and watch the big game from our couch?

I regularly ask this question in job interviews: “What would an ideal day look like for you?”

When I ask that interview question, I’m more often than not disappointed at the responses. So many stumble and search and seem perplexed trying to imagine their ideal day. It’s clear most people have not given much thought to what would make for an excellent day.

Imagine, in detail, the components of your ideal day. An excellent life ultimately is just a collection of excellent days. What if you were intentional about crafting your days and building them around what was most important, around what added the most value to your life, and around what truly delights you?

For me, today has been an especially excellent day.