A tiny splinter of pain

When I’m having a moment in my life that should be pure joy, it rarely ever seems complete, never purely blissful. Even in the most delightful, carefree times, there always seems to be a tiny splinter of pain in my consciousness or a small, indefinable ache of sorrow that tugs at the moment.

What is that? The fleeting nature of the present moment? The awareness that change is the only constant, that everything is ultimately terminal?

Experiencing beauty and joy and authentic moments of connection reminds us that we can never truly possess those moments or freeze things the way we yearn for them to be.

Maybe this is what impels the creative impulse in us. We try to capture the moment of beauty or rapture or even heartbreak as best we can so it can be preserved to summon that feeling again or to understand it better. To immortalize somehow our mortal and ever changing experience of the mystery we all are living.

This Jason Silva video reflects on the dilemma we all face as finite beings searching for meaning and joy:

“This is one aspect of the basic human predicament, that we are simultaneously worms and gods.”
–Abraham Maslow