You don’t need a job to go to work every day

I was talking with my friend, Emily, today about the awesome career ahead of her. She just finished college and has no solid plans for where to begin this awesome career or what exactly she really wants to do. Which means, of course, her possibilities are infinite. And awesome.

I am no career coach. I’m still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. Emily and I puzzled over her options for a while, brainstorming and dreaming. I ended up suggesting to Emily that she should go ahead and “go to work” every day starting now.

She could build a routine of an hour or two at least each day when she will show up and get busy making her career happen. Go to a coffee shop or the library and do research, read books, write, connect online with others to explore career possibilities.

She doesn’t need an employer or a salary to do work. She could make something every day – a blog post or an article or a video. (She’s a creative type with mad skills behind AND in front of the camera.) She does not need an office or a boss or permission from anyone to make something and share it with the world. And the act of doing work every day can lead to her getting really good at something and even to figuring out just what career path she should pursue. And if she gets a lead on an actual real-world job she’s excited about, she will have an actual body of work she’s created and is proud to show them.

Talking about this with Emily made me remember the song-a-day guy who every day posts a new song he’s created. His bio video tells his story and explains his 70-20-10 theory. 70 percent of the songs he creates will be mediocre. 20 percent will suck. But 10 percent just might be awesome. Check it out:

It’s the 90 percent of your work that’s average or worse that makes possible the 10 percent that’s awesome. Show up. Even when you don’t feel like it. Quantity leads to quality. Go to work every day.