The daily grind, the daily find

A year ago I committed myself to sharing something daily on this site. It didn’t have to be a well composed, lengthy essay about weighty matters. It could have been something small I had found or something I was trying to learn more about. I was fine with reaching the end of a night and simply posting a quotation or link just to fulfill my commitment to sharing something every day.

Often, that attempt to post some small item led to more searching and insight than I had expected. And I loved surprising myself with unanticipated output, with creative pursuits that wouldn’t have been given a chance except for my humble attempt to find just one little thing to share every day, to keep that commitment. I had a blast and looked forward to what would surprise me each day.

I kept that commitment for several months and felt, eventually, like I had accomplished a goal and could go back to posting sporadically. My posting was feeling more like a daily grind, a burden to come up with something worth sharing.

I realize now that I miss trying to fulfill the daily writing commitment. My life seemed clearer, more intentional when I had this tiny task every day. My brain was on a regular search to find something worth writing about. I’m reminded of Leo Buscaglia whose childhood was enriched by a father who expected every kid in the family to share at dinner each night something new they learned that day. Leo said he often would rush to the encyclopedias right before dinner, desperate to find something worth sharing.

The quest to better understand and better experience life is speeded along by an effort to express, to articulate, to share.

I don’t presume to have an audience (thank you lone reader, this one’s for you), but my target audience is myself. I write to know myself better, to figure things out, to see what I have to say. To write the internet I would enjoy reading. Secondarily, I write to my young daughters, who have no interest now in any of this. But, maybe someday they will find some value buried in here.

Even if I’m writing for myself alone, I owe it to myself to be as awesome as I can be. Sharing every day will produce a lot of bad writing and banal ideas. But bad could lead to okay. And okay might eventually produce something pretty good. The road to awesome is paved with a whole lot of mediocre, but mediocre action is better than no action.

So, brace yourself, lone reader. I’m back to the daily grind.

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