Any image of the earth from space is powerful. That we can take a photo of our planet, the ultimate self-portrait, is remarkable. And seeing our lovely blue, green, and white home set against the blackness of space reminds us how amazingly fortunate we are to be here.

The most famous image of the Earth, and one of the most famous photographs ever, is the “Earthrise” photo the Apollo 8 astronauts took when they were on the first mission to orbit the moon in 1968. This delightful video recreates that moment and captures the excitement those astronauts had when they first saw it.

What if that photo or any other of the beautiful images of Earth from space was in every classroom and in homes and workplaces?* Would seeing the big picture regularly make us even a little more mindful of our fragile, noble place in the universe and make us even a little more kind and big-hearted?

*I’ve just set this image as the desktop wallpaper on my Mac.53858-earthrise