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Alexander Hamilton: Too good to be ignored

We are at peak Hamilton. The broadway musical is all the rage. Tickets are impossible for the foreseeable future. The cast just graced the White House for a mini performance. And the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has a compelling story of his own along with charisma galore. I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat on my Mac […]

Brothers In Arms

   During my senior year in college I was one of the first guys in my dorm to get a CD player.  This album by Dire Straits was THE CD to get to show how crispy good this new digital format was. Guys would come by my room just to listen to a track or two […]

More music, more happy

My family recently upgraded our primary television and added a Sonos Playbar as well. It was an expensive addition to an already costly purchase, but it’s proving to be well worth it. (Remember: “The things you use every day should be the best-designed things you can get.”) We use TV almost exclusively for streaming Netflix, […]

The only holiday music you need

I love the holiday season, really I do. But most Christmas music wears pretty thin really quickly for me.  However, the only Christmas music you need is Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas. You can put it on repeat for the whole month and never wear it out. It’s a truly great jazz […]

My current work soundtrack: Pianist James Rhodes’s Inside Tracks

This new album, a collection of pianist James Rhodes’s favorites from previous recordings, has been my work soundtrack this week. I don’t typically work with music on, but this music is perfect company. It’s just the piano. No orchestra. No lyrics. And it’s music from some of the greatest composers ever, performed by a dynamic […]

James Rhodes: “Serious” music

This lovely Zen Pencils post introduced me to the pianist James Rhodes, who has an incredible personal story to go along with his immense musical talent. He came through an abusive childhood and was given new life by music.  I listened to his Live in Brighton album while I worked today. Between pieces he discusses […]

Kind of Blue – All kinds of great

If you don’t know know where to start with jazz music but have a feeling you ought to explore the genre, start with Kind of Blue.  It’s Miles Davis, yes, but he’s accompanied by Coltrane and Cannonball Adderly and Bill Evans and Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb. A dream team at their artistic peak.  The […]

A Dave Grohl Christmas: The gift of surprise and delight

Most gift-giving gatherings this time of year have a bit of an absurd quality to them. Family members make wish lists for each other of exactly what they want, and there’s an implied understanding that you need to stick with the list. But, then, what’s the point? You could avoid the hassle and all just […]

Sam Smith: Do it for the love

I spent the last two weeks interviewing college students for openings on our staff. My colleague regularly asks students in the interviews what music they’re listening to now. It sparks some good discussions, but it also enlightens me about the current music scene. Otherwise, I’m pretty oblivious to new music. Every year after interview season […]