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Show your work: The Force Awakens edition

I love seeing how creators create. I appreciate a master pulling the curtain back and letting us see at least a bit of the behind-the-scenes process. The chaos and messes and wayward first drafts that lie behind the art are just as instructive as, if not more than, the inspiration and perspiration. I preordered on iTunes the […]

The Roosevelts, another Ken Burns masterpiece

I’ve been watching the Ken Burns documentary, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, on Netflix. Burns first fully captured the attention of the nation with his epic and innovative multipart documentary series, The Civil War, which was originally broadcast in 1990. It remains the most watched program ever to air on PBS and was a breakthrough […]

Michael Pollan and Netflix aim to inspire you to cook more often

Netflix recently released their newest documentary, Cooked. It’s a gorgeously filmed exploration of the impact cooking had on making us human and the perils of abandoning cooking and relying mostly on the packaged food-like substance industry. The documentary is based on Pollan’s book of the same name. The film is a delight to the eyes. […]

Show your work: Star Wars

Seeing inside the process of a craftsman or artist makes me appreciate their work more. Knowing how the magic is made doesn’t diminish the magic; it enhances it.  And that kind of transparency inspires me to push through the messy misfires and tedious small steps on the way to making my own art.  Even the […]

Creativity has to start somewhere

Suck is a default starting point for almost all truly great work. From Ed Catmull’s great book, Creativity, Inc.: “And yet, candor could not be more crucial to our creative process. Why? Because early on, all of our movies suck. That’s a blunt assessment, I know, but I make a point of repeating it often, […]

Heroes don’t need villains

My family went to see the new Pixar movie, Inside Out, on its opening day last weekend. It was a hit with kids and parents and showed a depth of story telling that most movies never attempt. My friend, Calli, sent me this article about the movie. The article highlights the film’s lack of a […]

Busy Saturday

“BEWARE THE BARRENNESS OF A BUSY LIFE. —Socrates” My busy Saturday today centers around two key commitments with my daughters: the pool this afternoon and the movie Tomorrowland tonight. I might squeeze in some reading if I find some down time. This is my kind of packed schedule. 


While listening to a technology podcast today I was reminded of just how good the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark is. Not like I needed reminding. It’s always been my immediate response when asked for a favorite movie. But I tend to chalk up my affection for it as a bit of nostalgia rather […]

Cinderella’s Stoic virtues: Courage and kindness

I took my wife and daughters to see the new live-action Cinderella movie yesterday. I’m no movie critic, but I thought it was really good. It’s visually sumptuous. The costume design, the sets, the locations, the sweeping camera movements all were dazzling and crafted on an epic scale. Kenneth Branagh, the Shakespearean actor, directed and […]

What movies teach kids

I enjoyed this TED Talk by Colin Stokes about the way movies are affecting his young children. He makes some great points about the role of female characters, but his key point is what movies are teaching boys. As the dad of two young daughters, I want my girls regularly to see strong and smart […]