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Kitchen tools list, updated

My sister-in-law is getting married later this year. Knowing I’m the primary cook in the family and knowing I’m a little too obsessed with finding the right tool, whether in technology or in the kitchen, she asked me to give her a list of essential kitchen tools for her wedding registry. I was too happy […]

The omnivore omelet: Vegetarian chickens and bad eggs

In the egg section of the grocery store you’ll see egg cartons prominently touting that the chickens laying those eggs had “100 percent vegetarian feed”. That should actually be nothing to crow about. (I had to.) From The Washington Post: Chickens on an unsupplemented vegetarian diet typically fall short of an essential protein-based amino acid […]’s 57 cooking tips

I cook breakfast and dinner for my family almost every day. Nothing fancy or too sophisticated, but it’s real food. And I enjoy doing it. After a day of work with not always a lot of tangible outcomes, it’s satisfying to come home and actually make something real. Here’s a list of cooking tips that’s […]